Caboolture Historical Village National 48 Hour and State 24 Hour Event

July 27 2014: Race Report


Two runners from South Australia has just finished a 48 hour running event in Queensland, Matt Angus and Barry McBride was "crazy" enough to tackle on of the most exhausting endurance events in Australia. The Caboolture Historical Village National 48 Hour and State 24 Hour Event is held on a 500 metre track, runners change direction every hours for a touch of variety. Barry was aiming to set a new record for his age group and Matt just went for a challenge. This challenge was to raise as much as he can for Run 4 Crohns. They started at 9am on the 25th and went to business pacing themselves for the duration. Guys

Barry was very competitive for the overall positions sitting consistantly around second to third place for most of the first day, while Matt was running a comfortable pace for himself. Around the 70 Kilometre (140 Laps) Matt had to take a forced rest due to a blister on his foot, causing him to favour one leg. This in turn caused severe knee discomfort. Matt fought on with regular rest and ice packs provided by his support crew. Barry was still going very strong at 101km (202 Laps).

Trophy Barry got to 100 Miles in around 20 hours, looking really good until his hip started hurting around the 23 hours mark. Matt on the other hand was in all sorts of trouble, he was walking and determined to get as many laps in as he could. At the 24 hour the guys were Barry - 373 Laps 186.5 km, Matt 212 Laps 106km. Matt even managed to walk 12 kilometre in thongs such was his determination. Barry unfortunately had hurt some ligaments in his knee and during the evening on day 2 he had to have a prolonged rest. He tried going on and managed another 13 laps before he knew he had to rest the injury. At this stage Matt was starting to come good again, he started to manage a run and was looking pretty good. around the 26 hour mark he had added a good amount to his total and was pacing the injury to reach his modified goal of 100 miles (320 Laps). at the 28 hour mark, Barry was not out on the track but had completed a massive 192.5 kilometres and Matt has stretched his tally up to 125.5 Kilometres.

To use Matts own words -
Long story short, got to 160km, went to bed with my new mate the ice pack and woke up a few hours later feeling almost ok. Ok let's at least make it to 4 marathons (168.8km) 170km clicked over with 2 mins to go so I stopped at my aid station. I'm done!!!!!!


Final Results

Barry McBride - 406 Laps 202.752 Kilometres.
Matt Angus - 340 Laps 170.024 Kilometres.